Containers of both 10 ft and 20 ft are available to suit the needs of businesses, schools, local authorities and anyone that requires secured, weathertight storage solutions across Devon & Cornwall.

Shipping Container hire on your site- solving your storage problems

Storage containers can be positioned on almost any type of surface without extensive preparation, the only requirement is that the ground is level.

We will arrange delivery at a suitable date and time for you, ensuring that the ground is suitable for the container to be positioned. All our storage containers are delivered on vehicles fitted with an hiab (on-board crane) to ensure they can be safely and securely position where they are required.

10 ft shipping containers

If you’re looking for small-scale storage, a 10ft container is an ideal space. If you need to store additional office equipment, household goods, furniture or even a small space to run your business from a 10ft container can offer a secure, weathertight solution.

20 ft shipping containers

The 20ft container is undoubtedly our most popular shipping container hire option. Whether you’re seeking to hire a 20ft x 8ft shipping container for storage purposes or to transport goods, the space offered by these containers allows you to store or transport large or bulk items both safely, securely and cost-effectively.

Get in touch with our friendly team if you would like help choosing the correct container size for your storage purposes.